Adam Kaufman Provides Insight into His Role on the State Museum Board of Trustees

Adam Kaufman

As a center of cultural, educational and scientific engagement, the New Jersey State Museum inspires innovation and lifelong learning through collections, research, exhibitions and programs in science, history and art.

From shortly after the glaciers receded 13,000 years ago up to the 17th century, indigenous populations have used the natural resources in their own environments to help them survive. Artifacts such as these can be found in the New Jersey State Museum’s extensive archaeological collections. The State Museum’s holdings are so extensive, in fact, that scholars recognize the Museum’s collection of more than 2.4 million archaeological objects as the definitive systematic research collection for the study of the prehistory of New Jersey and the Middle Atlantic region.

And, this collection of artifacts, titled “New Jersey’s Original People: Interpreting the Archaeological Collection,” is just one of nine collection exhibitions currently on display at the New Jersey State Museum. From natural history to fine art, the State Museum collections also encompass archeology and ethnography, a planetarium and a cultural history collection that boasts over 13,000 artifacts documenting New Jersey’s cultural, economic, military, political and social history –  as well as aspects of its decorative arts.

Located in Trenton, the New Jersey State Museum was first established by the New Jersey State Legislature in 1895 with a mission to collect and exhibit specimens in natural history, archaeology and industrial history. Since 1983, it has been a division of the New Jersey Department of State. Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno serves as the State Museum’s Chair.

Having been first appointed to serve as President of the New Jersey State Museum Board of Trustees by former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, KZG’s Adam Kaufman continues to serve on the Board of Trustees as its Vice President. An avid collector of fine art with a preference for mid-century modern oils, prints and sculptures, Adam has traveled extensively throughout Western and Eastern Europe and South America, collecting artifacts and expanding his personal collection. He is pleased to have witnessed the museum’s extensive growth and credits the museum’s board members, trustees, volunteers, community donors and patrons for their continued support of this iconic institution.

Describing his service on the board as an honor, Adam said, “I look forward to my continued work with my fellow trustees to preserve the state’s museum and its unwavering commitment to the collection, preservation and sharing of the rich history of the State of New Jersey.”

This summer, take a walk through history by visiting the New Jersey State Museum’s archaeology and ethnography collection, peruse its fine art collection, refresh your understanding of New Jersey’s cultural history, or soar into space in the Museum’s Hi-Def Planetarium. Plan your visit here.

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