KZG’s Trish Zita & Jeannine LaRue Supporting Women in Government

KZG’s Trish Zita and Jeannine LaRue, members on the New Jersey Bipartisan Coalition for Women’s Appointments’ (BCWA) Advisory Committee, are working to nominate women interested in being considered for appointments to the new gubernatorial administration in 2018. The BCWA works in conjunction with Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), and the Advisory Committee is the leadership arm of the group. The BCWA is a statewide, bipartisan group of prominent women and organizations convened in years when there is an open seat for governor. The purpose of the BCWA, which has played an instrumental role during transition years since 1981, is to ensure the placement of women in key positions throughout state government.

The BCWA has four key goals, creating the expectation within both major parties that women will play significant roles in government, helping the next governor identify a strong and diverse pool of women candidates for positions within the new administration, educating New Jersey women about the thousands of state, county and municipal appointed positions available, and encouraging New Jersey women to submit their résumés for gubernatorial appointments and providing them the tools and information they need to seek appointments.

Trish spoke about the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Committee, “It is vital for women to serve in state government, as it allows a diversity of experiences to be represented. The BCWA plays an integral role in helping to stress the importance of inclusion during the transition process, and I am honored to help lend my support.” Jeannine later added, “Trish and I are so grateful to serve on this committee and help qualified women gain opportunities in the new administration. We look forward to being advocates for equality and inclusion.”

To learn more about the BCWA, please click here.

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