KZG Attends the Executive Women of New Jersey’s “A Seat at the Table” Awards Breakfast

KZG’s Trish Zita, Jeanne LaRue and Beth Dohm were pleased to attend the Executive Women of New Jersey’s (EWNJ) “A Seat at the Table” Corporate Gender Diversity Awards Breakfast. At the event, twenty-two New Jersey companies were recognized for having achieved significant corporate board gender diversity. Additionally, the EWNJ unveiled its much anticipated report, “A Seat at the Table: Celebrating Women & Board Leadership.” The report analyzed gender diversity on corporate boards and the number of women in CEO and executive officer positions at publicly traded companies in New Jersey. It also recommended actions to be taken to encourage inclusion.

EWNJ is the leading senior-level executive women’s organization in New Jersey. The organization seeks to ensure that women have equal opportunity and representation in senior corporate leadership. They actively advocate for women to serve on corporate boards and in positions of senior executive leadership, prepare women to be exceptional board candidates, supply women candidates to boards that are seeking qualified applicants, and research the presence of women in executive leadership roles and their impact on corporate performance.

Trish, a member of EWNJ, spoke about the report and the importance of advocating for women, “Studies such as this play an important role in not only highlighting the obstacles women face while trying to rise to corporate leadership roles, but it also starts a conversation about the benefits of gender diversity and ways in which greater inclusion can be brought about.”

To view pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

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